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Welcome to our little corner of our little world, as seen from our subterranean studios 3-1/2 stories beneath Downtown California.
Recently, further spelunking expeditions in some of the side galleries of Nightside Studiosí caverns have revealed eerily lit mineral pools, teeming with heretofore unwitnessed life forms. (Actually, we just took a slight left and peeked behind a dusty stack of Slim Gaillard sides, but it had been a long time....)

Anyway, please do some electronic spelunking of your own within the labrynthine tunnels of our site.
(and do let us know what you think, what you might like to see, and especially what you smell in here; sometimes we're somewhat absent minded about just exactly where we stashed that cheese that we're aging to perfection, or laid down that special batch of sarsaparilla......)

We are proud members of and/or contributors to the following organizations:
An independent, educational organization for people interested in the collection, history, design, production, and exhibition of beads.
A fun collection of glass artists from around the globe
Our most local association of art-minded people. When we think globally, this is where we act locally.
One of our favorite organizations; helping to bolster courage in some really brave, deserving kids.