Nightside Studios, located deep underground beneath Downtown Coastal California, evidently still has many miles of unexplored tunnels, galleries, caverns and grottoes. When feeling particularly brave, foolhardy or otherwise inspired, we try to map some of the maze-like corridors and sketch some of the wildlife (in between bites of pimento and cream cheese sandwiches - they make pretty good bait, too!) so that we can re-create them for the non-spelunking public.

Here are some of the interesting life forms that we find loitering behind stalagmites, in some of the eerily-lit mineral pools and peeking out around dusty piles of vinyl LPs


Purple Harlequin Vout Fish
(genus Gaillardi)

Snipe-Nosed Vout Fish
(genus Gaillardi)
Goggle-eyed Bloviate Vootie Fish
(genus Gaillardi)
Red Harlequin Peeper Vout Fish
(genus Gaillardi)
45mm l x 30mm t x 20mm w
Blue Silver Bloviate Vootie Fish
(genus Gaillardi)
55mm l x 40mm t x 25mm w
Blue and Gold Harlequin Vout Fish
(genus Gaillardi)
60mm l x 40mm t x 25mm w

Fiery Bloviate Vootie Fish
(genus Gaillardi)
50mm l x 30mm t x 30mm w

Fantasy Sea Horse
(hippocampus bailia mambus)

Moretti ivory, brown, "raku" and transparent yellow and ruby glass
70 mm tall x 30 mm wide (at side fins)




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