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Here is some fun stuff, as a treat for your eyes. These are some of the projects that some of you wonderful folks out there have created using some of Nightside's products.



This beautiful pin comes frm Ella Johnson-Bentley in Juneau, Alaska.

You can find her at ella@gci.net

Cheri Phillips of Unique Sensations in Style of Ocala, FL has produced this wonderful necklace with a Hippocampus Mambus

A starfish mother and child from Heather Dadak.

See more of her stuff at her web page.
(don't miss her other cool stuff on her site!)

  These beautiful stacking eye rings are from Tessa Rickard. Find her other fantastic stuff at her Etsy shop: Dolldisasterdesign
Casey Storm shows us her "Cleavage Gnome" 's periscope peering out from her Ren Faire costume. You can find more of her unique creations at her website.
(and don't miss her blog entry about her Green Man!)

Here are three of Kim Koltzau's Steampunky creations. You can find lots more of her cool stuff at her website Steampunk Cellars.
Joy Kennedy sends us this pic of her antique mustard cellar with a cast metal cat head for a lid. It was missing an eye, and we managed to match it for her. Ya gotta admit, it sure beats an eye patch!

If you have some stuff to show off that uses our stuff, please be sure to let us know, so that we can feature them here!

Click here to email us at nightside99@comcast.net



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