There is a large shingle sign dangling over the door of a saloon in Placerville, California (known during the Gold Rush Days as "Hangtown") that has, for a long, long time boldly announced "Free Beer Tomorrow."

And it's always true.

Any time that they're open, you can march right into the joint and tell the barkeep that you are there for your free beer.

And he will politely, but firmly, ask you just what the sign says, exactly. When you tell him, he looks you squarely in the eye and says, "Ok, come back tomorrow, then."

Every single time.


(And, in the bar in Port Costa, California's infamous Warehouse Cafe, there is a well-worn sign hanging next to a large bell that graciously tells newcomers to be sure to "Ask for your free Port Costa Souvenier Ring."

Be sure to try that one sometime.........)



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