Deep beneath coastal Downtown California, the lights are on all night and the torch flares brightly.

At The Torch

The Ralph - Chief Pyromaniac and Spelunker  

Not a mystery, really.

It's just rods of melted sand, a few tools
swiped from the kitchen and a volcanically
hot flame (of about 4500 degrees F) ...

Oh, yeah, and about five thousand years of
tradition, too.

At the moment when the consistency of the glass
is just so, we grab our tools and
work our magic.
  Hmmm, The Ralph again, still torching away.  
The Ralph, again, torchifying away on a Hippocampus bailius mambus  

Pinching, tweezing, pulling, massaging -

it's a sort of spa for glass.


All of our work is kiln annealed overnight for maximum stress elimination.

(Wow, don't we wish we could get that stress-relieved.......?)




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